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What are you looking for?

If it's adventure, spectacular scenery, wildlife, relaxation and the hospitality that can only be found in Newfoundland, then look no farther! We have it all!

We have no off season. In the spring, summer or fall we offer ATV tours & rentals. If you want easy, novice trails, they're here. However, if you want the mud, rocks, dirt and water, we have that also. In the winter we offer snowmobile adventures in the pristine Bay Du Nord wilderness area. If you're an experienced rider seeking new challenges, boy do we have challenges! On the other hand, if you're looking for a relaxing experience in which you unwind by touring the groomed trails and "taking in the scenery", boy do we have scenery. If your goal is to ride until you reach the tranquility of nature, you guessed it - we've got lots of that too. We have access to an isolated cabin that can only be reached by snowmobile!

If you are a hunter that resides in this province, and you find yourself in the situation of having a big game license in an unfamiliar area, we will guide you to the big ones. As you probably know, all non-residents of Newfoundland & Labrador must be accompanied by a licensed guide in order to fish our waters. This does not mean interference on our part. We will simply lead you to where the big ones are, and watch as you use your expertise with a fly rod to land some of the biggest fighters that you have ever seen!

So please have a look around our site. We have gone through great lengths to show you what you will be missing if you don't take the Newfoundland Outdoor Adventure challenge!

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