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Join us for the ATV Adventure Tour of a lifetime!

If you are looking for wilderness country, beautiful scenery, remote travel, wildlife or friendly people, and you want an outdoor adventure for yourself or for the whole family, then look no farther! Our ATV Adventure Tours can give you all of this and so much more!

We have a vast trail system consisting of thousands of miles of woods trails and logging roads and 870 kilometres (580 miles) of abandoned railway, now called the Newfoundland T’Railway. Our trail system runs through some of the wildest, most rugged, remote and most scenic country in Newfoundland. Our trail system will also take you through some of Newfoundland’s most scenic and friendliest towns.

With the endless number of logging roads and woods trails and the T’Railway, which runs from St. John’s to Port aux Basques, we can tailor an ATV adventure that’s right for you. We have rider friendly trails suitable for beginners and for family fun and also rougher, hardcore trails for the experienced riders. For intermediate and experienced riders, these trails can also be combined for a little bit of everything. We have smooth trails, rough trails, rocks, mud, water and hills - everything you need to start your ATV adventure.

We can arrange a trip that’s great for the whole family! Our ATV trips can be combined with our fishing, camping and hunting adventures. Please see our Other Services page for more details on these adventures.

We can run the local trails and woods roads, travel the ‘branch line’ (abandoned railway) to scenic Trinity and Bonavista or travel the T’Railway from Bloomfield to the destination of your choice (accessible by the T’Railway). We can also meet you at the ferry in Argentia and travel across Newfoundland to the ferry in Port aux Basques. We have half day, full day, overnight and week long trips. Below you will find different packages available, but remember that we are not limited to these.

Moose, Caribou, Black Bear, Snowshoe Hare, Grouse, Ptarmigan (aka. Partridge), Fox, Coyotes, Lynx, Bald Eagles and many different species of birds are possible sights on our tours.

Whether you are travelling on the logging roads, woods trails or the T’Railway, you will not soon forget the wildlife, beautiful scenery, tranquillity, rugged landscape, and the great, friendly nature and hospitality of the Newfoundland people.

We have a limited number of ATVs available for rent. We have pricing for those who will be driving their own ATVs or one of ours.

Our ATV season starts at spring thaw and runs until the snow is too deep for travel. The beautiful fall colours and cooler, crisp fall air makes for a spectacular time for the tours.

Contact us and we will assist you with all accommodations needed. Please check out our Important Links and Local Amenities pages for more information.

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