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  • Do you need help with your animal?
  • Do you want help catching that mighty Atlantic Salmon?
  • Do you want local knowledge of an area?
  • Do you need someone with special training (GPS, map, compass, First Aid/CPR, etc.)?
  • Do you require the use of an ATV or pickup?
  • Are you new to hunting or fishing?
  • Are you in need of a guide?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should give us a call!

We will help you find, clean, and transport your animal or we will accompany you to any river in Newfoundland in search of the mighty Atlantic Salmon. We will assist you in any way possible. (As long as we abide by the locally established laws)

Newfoundland Outdoor Adventures offers Guiding Services, specializing in moose & caribou hunting, and salmon fishing. We also guide trout fishermen and rabbit, grouse and duck hunters.

We are very knowledgeable of management areas 24, 27, 28, 29 (moose) and 64 (caribou), but with our training and our abilities to use a map and compass and a GPS, we are not confined to these areas only! We can and will travel to any other management area in Newfoundland and will safely assist you with your animal.

Our guides are experienced, qualified and very knowledgeable. We have all of the necessary training, equipment and proper licences. We are trained for the use of map and compass, GPS, First Aid/CPR, wilderness survival and much more. For more information on the qualifications, please check out our About Us page.

We come prepared!!

While we can not guarantee that you will get your animal or fish, we will guarantee that our guides will give it 100% to make your day successful!!

Those hunters and fishermen coming to the Bloomfield area (Clarenville, Musgravetown, Lethbridge) needing a place to stay, we can help you. We will direct you to one of our local establishments. Please browse our Important Links and Local Amenities pages for more information.

Our guide services for moose and caribou are offered only to Newfoundland and Labrador Residents due to Government regulations.

Our services for salmon, trout, rabbits, grouse and ducks are offered to both Newfoundland and Labrador Residents and Non-Residents.

The law in Newfoundland requires that all Non-Resident hunters and fishermen be accompanied by a licensed guide if they plan to participate in hunting or fishing in Newfoundland. For more information on Newfoundland laws and regulations and license prices go to our Important Links page and click on the Newfoundland Regulations and Fees link.

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