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Whether you are planning a tour with us or want to do your own thing, we have ATVs available for rent. This service is great for hunters, fishermen, adventurers, riders, gardeners, home owners, companies, and so on.

**ATV numbers are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.


The Bonavista Peninsula and surrounding areas are home to many inland lakes, rivers, ponds, streams and of course, the Atlantic Ocean. With these many waterways, whether your preference be trout or salmon, we can arrange a fishing adventure to suit you. We also offer ice fishing - taking you to those ponds that you would have to normally fly in to. We also offer Salmon fishing guide services.


The great expanse of wilderness areas in Newfoundland gives us the opportunity to offer you a unique hunting trip. We offer rabbit, grouse, ptarmigan (partridge), duck and goose hunting trips. Join us for a snowshoe hare (rabbit) hunt and listen to our Beagles sing their merry song as they pursue the elusive rabbit. Come and watch our Black Labrador Retriever beat the brush in search of birds or swim the waters to retrieve downed ducks and geese. We will also assist you with your moose, caribou and bear licence. For more details, please view our guide services page.


The many inland lakes, ponds and rivers offer unlimited choices for a canoe adventure for you or the whole family. Take a leisurely paddle on one of the many waterways in Newfoundland and enjoy the sights, sounds and peacefulness. Bring your camera to take photos of the spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife. Throw in your fishing rod and we'll have a go at the trout.


For those who like to hike, we have miles of trails, logging roads and abandoned railway, now called the Newfoundland T'Railway, for you to explore. These trails can take you deep into the Newfoundland wilderness and will give you great opportunities to photograph beautiful scenery and wildlife.


This is the real thing. No parks or campgrounds, only wilderness! If camping is your thing, you will love our wilderness camping trips. We load the ATVs with all of the camping gear required and head for the back country. Roughing it is the name of the game! Throw in the camera, canoe and fishing rod and you'll definitely have a trip to remember.

The services on this page can be combined with each other. Also, they can be combined with the ATV or Snowmobile Tour offerings.

Please contact us for availability, dates and prices.

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